Luc ten Klooster comes from an artist family, his grandfather was a graphic artist and painter, his father a sculptor. Initially, however, he opted for training as a classical concert pianist. But the need for visual art expression remained. Grown up with the analogue dark room, the classic black and white photography was the starting point for him. Assignments for portrait and reportage photography soon followed. However, the need to further investigate the artistic possibilities of the negatives soon arose, even before the digital revolution started. He also experimented with making (paper) negatives digitally, which he then printed in the dark room by analogy. His work can now hardly be called 'photography', photography is a basic medium for him to create works of art in various forms. Nowadays we call this 'Lens based art' . On the occasion of several major solo exhibitions, he also felt the need to let go of photography completely and to create (mixed media) objects and installations. Video installations are also included. He exhibits regularly, the exhibition list is much longer than the exhibitions mentioned on this site. Photography portfolios were published in the photo magazines Focus, the Spanish La Fotografia Aktual and the Greek magazines PhotoNet and Photo-book. Sources of inspiration for both the subjects and the final execution are often found in a historical context, which can be eg in mythology, in ancient painting, but also in the own archive with photos from 40 years or more ago which have been given a new shape is becoming. In the work of Luc ten Klooster, the leading role is clearly set aside for The Woman. In 2007 his book "She, a photo essay" was published with a foreword by Sonja Barend. With the woman as the only subject and with quotes from famous writers and philosophers.

In 2019 he produced a book about his project "And Man appeared from the Earth." For both books see the relevant information pages. Various works will soon be available for purchase through the webshop. If you do not want to wait for that, you can of course always contact him!

Member of the Limburg Art Circle

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In the making: a new photo and video project 'The great silence behind closed doors'

The great silence behind closed doors

Upcoming: large solo exhibition in the gallery of Kulturwerk-Aachen (Germany) from 5 October to 9 November under the title 'Sternenstaub' (Stardust). See the Exhibition page for more information.

Exhibition 'Stardust' Kulturwerk-Aachen Luc ten Klooster



Upcoming: participation in Kunstmaand Ameland 2019 from 1 to 30 November. Here Luc ten Klooster will present a photo-video-text project around the Ameland legend of witch and beachcomber Rixt van het Oerd under the title 'Footsteps in the sand' under the title 'Footsteps in the sand'. Even after the end of the Art Month, this exhibition will remain on display until 1 April 2020 in the museum.

'Footsteps in the sand' installation round a folk legend